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One of the most important elements on the UFO investigation is the people who say that they've been contacted by aliens. Cases like the ones from Edward "Billy" Meier, George Adamski, Daniel Fry and Benny and Barty Hill show us that those contacts are not limited to an exclusive part of our planet. This is a prologue to begin the special investigation around Stan Romanek, the most important contact of our time.

Uploaded by T3rcer Milenio on 2013-03-31.
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Kikisluna T3rcer Milenio Subscriber |

Mi comentario es , con respecto a no puedo encontrar el programa de tercer milenio los días lunes, pues exactamente por ello pague con la intención de ver mi programa favorito el dia que yo puedo verlo, que mala onda de nada me sirvió pagar por dicho programa.

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